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Terri Green has 27 years of experience drafting legal documents, proficient in Texas probate law.

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Should you be faced with the death of a loved one who has died without a Will, with our experience we can take action immediately. (read more)

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Watch the Close Up video

The Law Firm of T. Green Law, PLLC

Planning for the Future

Terri's ability to listen to a client's family history, current stage in life and wishes for transferring their assets upon their death, allows Terri to carefully draft Estate Planning documents to accomplish a client's goals. This provides peace of mind for not only the client, but for the loved ones left behind.


Litigation is a  lawsuit , legal action or contest filed in a court of law for the purpose of enforcing a right or seeking a remedy. Terri has more than 23 years of litigation experience, handling contested guardianships, trusts, will contests or probate litigation and is routinely appointed an "Attorney Ad Litem" by the Judges.


Guardianship is the legal process by which a person is lawfully invested with the power and charged with the duty of taking care of a person and managing the property and rights of another person, including a minor, who is incapacitated due to age, physical or mental incapacity and unable to administer his/her own affairs.

Contact us online at Terri@TerriGreenlaw.com or call: (972) 731-2609 for an initial consultation.

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